Bought DMC @ ₱13.06

So…. I was editing this and apparently if you save on WordPress without waiting for all your crap to load and update… well it saves a blank page. I remember saying something about the run-up of SCC to justify my buying, and then the div yield of DMC… then a paraphrase of Howard Marks on how we can’t know much about where the market or a stock will go when knowing would make the biggest difference.

The days after showed that I should have listened to my gut as the price lowered by a few percentage points. Glad it’s back to around the price I bought it at.

Too bad the Wayback Machine hadn’t archived the page. Oh well.


Bought SPC @ ₱4.23

Bought some SPC Power Corporation (formerly Salcon Power Corporation) shares today at ₱4.23, with the hope that the dividend policy doesn’t change from last year (around 7.33% though irregularly at ₱4.09, as per the Filipino Investor site, and 13%?? as per the PSE Edge site). The PSE Edge site probably includes a special dividend from last year (2016) as MSN Money reports its dividend yield to be 7.11% and Reuters puts it at 8.85% (what’s going on here??) at today’s price. PE is around 6.82x with Price/Book of 0.79.

There hasn’t been any announcements when the next dividend payout would be, but it was in April and December last year.

At least I didn’t make the same mistake as I did with HOUSE. 🙂

Bought HOUSE @ ₱6.64

Bought some 8990 Holdings, Inc. today for ₱6.64 that with the infinite wisdom of hindsight maybe I should not have as they just gave a P0.25 dividend a week ago with an ex-date of  Feb 15, 2017. I should have checked first haha.

Anyway, bought it as its PE is around 9.88x, revenue growth of around 70+% with dividend yield of around 3.75% (with current prices). Its share price has been on a recent downtrend and is near enough to its 52 week low (₱6.58) and 5 year low (₱6.00) to give me some comfort for a possible turnaround.

Per the Filipino Investor site and article on the “Top 25 Highest Dividend Yield in the Philippines for Nov 2016” who sourced his/her information from Bloomberg, HOUSE gives a semi-annual cash dividend.

Hello World

Starting this blog to track my PSE investments (with a few words on why I bought or sold a specific listed company) and have a repository of PSE or investment related links. Hopefully I will have more persistence than a lot of good Pinoy related investment blogs that have stopped after a year or two.