Bought HOUSE @ ₱6.64

Bought some 8990 Holdings, Inc. today for ₱6.64 that with the infinite wisdom of hindsight maybe I should not have as they just gave a P0.25 dividend a week ago with an ex-date of  Feb 15, 2017. I should have checked first haha.

Anyway, bought it as its PE is around 9.88x, revenue growth of around 70+% with dividend yield of around 3.75% (with current prices). Its share price has been on a recent downtrend and is near enough to its 52 week low (₱6.58) and 5 year low (₱6.00) to give me some comfort for a possible turnaround.

Per the Filipino Investor site and article on the “Top 25 Highest Dividend Yield in the Philippines for Nov 2016” who sourced his/her information from Bloomberg, HOUSE gives a semi-annual cash dividend.

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