Sold GLO @ ₱2022, mistakenly bought MWIDE @ ₱17.72

So… I was supposed to sell some MWIDE… BUT, with the platform I’m using one could easily make a mistake of buying instead of selling… sooo… I bought some MWIDE even though I was intending to sell some, given that it was just at ₱14.88 a few weeks back (Mar 6, 2017). I’m crossing my fingers (and being irrational) that this will be a re-run of when I mistakenly bought TUGS instead of selling it a few months back. TUGS went up probably double of what I made… but I had sold it by that time. For a while MWIDE was trading at ₱17.80 after I bought it… but it closed at ₱17.50. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just hold on to it for the long term.

Sold some Globe Telecom at ₱2022 (it closed ten pesos above that) as it was just ₱1479 on Dec 28, 2016… had to lock in some gains, aside from it being right after the quarterly cash divs of GLO (paid earlier in Mar).  GLO quarterly cash divs were at ₱22.75 / share last time around, which gives around a 4.5% p.a. yield @ ₱2000 / share.

Also received some cash divs of MWC (of 0.4244 / share) today. MWC typically gives out cash divs twice a year in Mar and Oct. Yield is approximately 2.7% p.a.


Sold LTG, Bought ALCO, CPG, MPI, WLCON, and SGI

Sold half of my LTG shares for ₱14.90 back in Mar 22 that in hindsight might not have been the best thing to do (it closed at ₱16.08 today), especially since my net gain was just slightly over 3% for holding a stock for more than three months. This is below my IRR of greater than 11%. I guess I just thought that it’s better to gain rather than see and wait for a stock in case it goes below purchase price. I did hold on to my other half of shares which is currently showing a paper gain of around over 19%.

As I said in previous posts on what I was planning to purchase, in the past week I bought some more ALCO @ ₱1.38, CPG @ ₱0.495, MPI @ ₱6.12 and SGI @ ₱1.39.

Looking at HLCM the past few days, but it went up 3.2% today, so I might hold off… or maybe buy at the higher price. May sell some GLO or MWIDE as I’d need to get ready for the stock rights of CHIB (to be priced on Apr 6, offered from Apr 24 to May 5, with a tentative listing date of May 10).

Excited about the WLCON listing tomorrow. Got a very limited amount of shares. Read somewhere it was 3x oversubscribed. At the offer price though, the price was quite dear. Let’s see how the market thinks about it tomorrow.

PHN ex-divs tomorrow, payment is supposed to be on Apr 21. Also received my PX cash div of ₱0.04 / share and BEL’s cash div of ₱0.095 / share recently (PX’s cash div yield is so low I’m not going to even try to compute it, BEL’s is around 2.3%).

Bought SMPH @ ₱28.75 and DMC @ ₱12.06

Bought some additional SMPH and DMC on March 16th, adding to the SMPH I had bought in mid-Oct last year (@₱26.90) and averaging down the DMCs I bought in Jan 2015 (@ ₱14.68) and Feb 2017 (@₱13.06).

After selling some ALCO @₱1.48, wondering if I had made a mistake not getting back in @₱1.38 (as it’s now at ₱1.42).

In terms of wondering about mistakes, maybe I should have sold some Shell at its peak of around ₱80.00 now that its around 9% lower than that. My thinking was that its expected that Shell will have an attractive dividend policy. Something that I haven’t read any updates on, just yet, since the IPO.

Also looking into getting some Wilcon IPO and CPG @ ₱0.50.

Sold ALCO, bought EMP

Sold some of my holdings in Arthaland @₱1.48 that I bought back in Feb 13, 2017 for ₱1.32 which gives a net gain of around 10.8%. I think Arthaland is a good company to hold for the long haul, however I wanted to lock-in some gains and possibly use the cash to buy ALCO again in case the stock falls back to the ₱1.30+ range (it closed at ₱1.41).

I bought some EMP @ ₱6.46. It ex-divs on March 29, 2017 for ₱0.1865/share (around 2.8%). I now think it’s a bit of a long time and the share price may still go down until ex-div. EMP is one of my not too rational stocks that I hold because of what the company stands for and what it may become in the future… and I’ve been itching to buy this stock. I now remember one of those investment warnings on stopping yourself from ever falling in love with a stock, no matter how sexy it is. Oh well.

Around 20% of my portfolio is held in what I call kinda-moonshot stocks (wherein I can’t really tell when the price will pick up, if ever). Another 25% are in preferred shares or shares that give at least 5% cash div a year, with the rest of my holdings in value or high-dividend shares.

AEV, AP, TEL and the SMC preferred shares all ex-div on March 16, so last day to be in on their cash dividend tomorrow.

Bought PNB @ ₱57.20

Bought some PNB today, even though the dividend policy is a less than stellar around 1.7% p.a. (IF the same dividend from last year applies to this year). However, P/E is around 10.4x (2017 forecasted) @ ₱57.20/share, which is lower than RCB (@11.3x), BDO (@17.7) MBT (@13.4) and BPI (@16.9). Price/Book is even better at 0.6. Profits have also been steadily heading back up in the last few years.

To paraphrase Philip Fisher, it’s easier to know what will happen to a stock’s price, than when exactly it will happen. I’m hoping that the investing public sees the value of this stock sooner than later.

As I said in previous posts, I wanted to get some CPG @ ₱0.50, however it went up to ₱0.52 today (up 4%) so I was unable to, ditto for getting some more EMP.

SMC’s preferred shares are going to ex-date on March 16, so looking into getting some of that if prices don’t go up too high tomorrow and on Wednesday.

GLO Cash Dividends, EMP

Received some Globe Telecom cash dividends a few days ago (March 9, 2017). At ₱22.75 per share divided by last Friday’s closing price of ₱1910.00, the dividend gives a gross annual cash dividend of around 4.7% (note that this is a fourth, as Globe typically gives out cash dividends quarterly).

Emperador’s recent price dive seems excessive if its just because of getting taken out of the index. I’m looking into getting some before the March 29, 2017 ex-dividend date. At a cash div rate of ₱0.1865 per share divided by last Friday’s (March 10, 2017) closing price of ₱6.35 would give a gross annual cash dividend of around 2.9%. I somehow don’t expect Emperador to change its dividend policy within the year, unless there was some extraordinary gain somewhere.

I’ll also start posting some quotes I like which are related to investing in one way or another.

“In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

Bought MWIDE @ ₱14.88

Added to my Megawide holdings by buying some shares today at ₱14.88. At that price, PE is around 30x and with no dividend yield, the biggest reason I’m buying this stock is because of its industry’s prospects in the mid-term. The last time I bought MWIDE was November 14, 2016 @₱14.78.

I’m looking forward to the Eagle Cement IPO in May. CPG is also starting to look good at its current price of ₱0.50.

Bought PCOR @ ₱8.79

Bought some Petron Corporation today. Its P/E is around 16.8x while div gross yield is just around 1%, its price/book though is 0.95. Revenues seem to be lowering, however earnings look like they will be higher than 2015 as its 9-month income in 2016 was up around 47%. Not sure when they’ll release performance figures for 2016, but it was released around mid-March last year for the previous year. YTD return is -11.76%, with a 1 year return of -5.8% and will hopefully turnaround soon.

After writing this down, it makes me wonder if I should have put my money on PNB instead.