I’m just another Pinoy trying to attain financial freedom ASAP. I’ve invested on and off in the PSE since the mid-90s and I at times long for the 10% cash dividends of TEL (circa 2010, 2011).

I partially believe in the efficient market theory, that all stock analysis is more or less already factored in the current price. However, to beat the market, one must know how the market will react, overreact, or not react to people’s, analysts’, investors’ conclusions. I typically beat the market in a given year however there have been a few years that I wasn’t able to. This blog is to keep me honest, to check whether or not I was better off buying FMETF or some other MF or UITF (including their fees) that would just track the market.

I intend to keep around 20% in preferred shares, around 60% in value or high-yield stocks, and the remaining 20% (or less) in the suntok-sa-buwan stocks.