Bought PNB @ ₱57.20

Bought some PNB today, even though the dividend policy is a less than stellar around 1.7% p.a. (IF the same dividend from last year applies to this year). However, P/E is around 10.4x (2017 forecasted) @ ₱57.20/share, which is lower than RCB (@11.3x), BDO (@17.7) MBT (@13.4) and BPI (@16.9). Price/Book is even better at 0.6. Profits have also been steadily heading back up in the last few years.

To paraphrase Philip Fisher, it’s easier to know what will happen to a stock’s price, than when exactly it will happen. I’m hoping that the investing public sees the value of this stock sooner than later.

As I said in previous posts, I wanted to get some CPG @ ₱0.50, however it went up to ₱0.52 today (up 4%) so I was unable to, ditto for getting some more EMP.

SMC’s preferred shares are going to ex-date on March 16, so looking into getting some of that if prices don’t go up too high tomorrow and on Wednesday.


Bought MWIDE @ ₱14.88

Added to my Megawide holdings by buying some shares today at ₱14.88. At that price, PE is around 30x and with no dividend yield, the biggest reason I’m buying this stock is because of its industry’s prospects in the mid-term. The last time I bought MWIDE was November 14, 2016 @₱14.78.

I’m looking forward to the Eagle Cement IPO in May. CPG is also starting to look good at its current price of ₱0.50.

Bought PCOR @ ₱8.79

Bought some Petron Corporation today. Its P/E is around 16.8x while div gross yield is just around 1%, its price/book though is 0.95. Revenues seem to be lowering, however earnings look like they will be higher than 2015 as its 9-month income in 2016 was up around 47%. Not sure when they’ll release performance figures for 2016, but it was released around mid-March last year for the previous year. YTD return is -11.76%, with a 1 year return of -5.8% and will hopefully turnaround soon.

After writing this down, it makes me wonder if I should have put my money on PNB instead.

Bought DMC @ ₱13.06

So…. I was editing this and apparently if you save on WordPress without waiting for all your crap to load and update… well it saves a blank page. I remember saying something about the run-up of SCC to justify my buying, and then the div yield of DMC… then a paraphrase of Howard Marks on how we can’t know much about where the market or a stock will go when knowing would make the biggest difference.

The days after showed that I should have listened to my gut as the price lowered by a few percentage points. Glad it’s back to around the price I bought it at.

Too bad the Wayback Machine hadn’t archived the page. Oh well.

Bought SPC @ ₱4.23

Bought some SPC Power Corporation (formerly Salcon Power Corporation) shares today at ₱4.23, with the hope that the dividend policy doesn’t change from last year (around 7.33% though irregularly at ₱4.09, as per the Filipino Investor site, and 13%?? as per the PSE Edge site). The PSE Edge site probably includes a special dividend from last year (2016) as MSN Money reports its dividend yield to be 7.11% and Reuters puts it at 8.85% (what’s going on here??) at today’s price. PE is around 6.82x with Price/Book of 0.79.

There hasn’t been any announcements when the next dividend payout would be, but it was in April and December last year.

At least I didn’t make the same mistake as I did with HOUSE. 🙂

Bought HOUSE @ ₱6.64

Bought some 8990 Holdings, Inc. today for ₱6.64 that with the infinite wisdom of hindsight maybe I should not have as they just gave a P0.25 dividend a week ago with an ex-date of  Feb 15, 2017. I should have checked first haha.

Anyway, bought it as its PE is around 9.88x, revenue growth of around 70+% with dividend yield of around 3.75% (with current prices). Its share price has been on a recent downtrend and is near enough to its 52 week low (₱6.58) and 5 year low (₱6.00) to give me some comfort for a possible turnaround.

Per the Filipino Investor site and article on the “Top 25 Highest Dividend Yield in the Philippines for Nov 2016” who sourced his/her information from Bloomberg, HOUSE gives a semi-annual cash dividend.

Hello World

Starting this blog to track my PSE investments (with a few words on why I bought or sold a specific listed company) and have a repository of PSE or investment related links. Hopefully I will have more persistence than a lot of good Pinoy related investment blogs that have stopped after a year or two.