Bought SMPH @ ₱28.75 and DMC @ ₱12.06

Bought some additional SMPH and DMC on March 16th, adding to the SMPH I had bought in mid-Oct last year (@₱26.90) and averaging down the DMCs I bought in Jan 2015 (@ ₱14.68) and Feb 2017 (@₱13.06).

After selling some ALCO @₱1.48, wondering if I had made a mistake not getting back in @₱1.38 (as it’s now at ₱1.42).

In terms of wondering about mistakes, maybe I should have sold some Shell at its peak of around ₱80.00 now that its around 9% lower than that. My thinking was that its expected that Shell will have an attractive dividend policy. Something that I haven’t read any updates on, just yet, since the IPO.

Also looking into getting some Wilcon IPO and CPG @ ₱0.50.


Bought DMC @ ₱13.06

So…. I was editing this and apparently if you save on WordPress without waiting for all your crap to load and update… well it saves a blank page. I remember saying something about the run-up of SCC to justify my buying, and then the div yield of DMC… then a paraphrase of Howard Marks on how we can’t know much about where the market or a stock will go when knowing would make the biggest difference.

The days after showed that I should have listened to my gut as the price lowered by a few percentage points. Glad it’s back to around the price I bought it at.

Too bad the Wayback Machine hadn’t archived the page. Oh well.