Bought LR@₱4.88 and more SPC@₱4.55

I bought more SPC yesterday at ₱4.55 and today I bought LR at ₱4.88.

I bid on some BLFI and some SMC2F but they weren’t matched. SMC2F returns an annualized 5.7% net at its current price of ₱80.55, which is ever so slightly higher than DDPR. In hindsight, I should have tried to get DDPR since I was unable to get SMC2F.

SHLPH is slightly below IPO price. I’ve held on to it because of Shell’s dividend policy. I’m not so sure about holding on to EAGLE as the cement industry may have a glut in the next few years. The Philippine’s infrastructure play is ever so slooowly progressing. CLI still looks good. ALCO is starting to look like a bargain.

I’m still looking into getting more COSCO, PIP, HOUSE, FDC and RFM. I’ve also requested to get a few shares of CLC from my broker.



Bought SPC @ ₱4.23

Bought some SPC Power Corporation (formerly Salcon Power Corporation) shares today at ₱4.23, with the hope that the dividend policy doesn’t change from last year (around 7.33% though irregularly at ₱4.09, as per the Filipino Investor site, and 13%?? as per the PSE Edge site). The PSE Edge site probably includes a special dividend from last year (2016) as MSN Money reports its dividend yield to be 7.11% and Reuters puts it at 8.85% (what’s going on here??) at today’s price. PE is around 6.82x with Price/Book of 0.79.

There hasn’t been any announcements when the next dividend payout would be, but it was in April and December last year.

At least I didn’t make the same mistake as I did with HOUSE. 🙂